Unifor Local 191

23-1313 Border St, Winnipeg, MB   R3H 0X4   |   p. 1-204-949-2770 or 1-844-2255-191   f. 1-204-949-2778   e. unifor191@mymts.net   tw. @unifor191

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About The Board

The Executive Board of Unifor Local 191 consists of 21 rank-and-file volunteer members, elected to three-year terms of the Executive and Board.

Composition of the board is allocated based on Councils, as approved by the Local Constitution (see Article XIII), which includes: The Winnipeg Newspaper Council, The Rural Manitoba Newspaper Council, The Northwest Ontario Council, and the Composite Council

Unifor 191 Executive Board 2015-2018


President: Aldo Santin (Winnipeg Free Press) 

Secretary-Treasurer: Vacant

1st Vice-President: Jamey Rosdobutko (Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal)

2nd Vice-President: Glen Dawkins (Winnipeg Sun)

Asst. Sect-Treasurer: Kara Morrice (Brandon Sun)

Composition of the Board

Rural Manitoba (1)

Kara Morrice (Brandon Sun)

Winnipeg Newspapers (7/7)

Al Sansom (Winnipeg Free Press/Carriers)

Jack Zeneli (Winnipeg Free Press/Carriers)

Aldo Santin (Winnipeg Free Press/Inside)

Mike Gauthier (Winnipeg Free Press/Inside)

Jill Wilson (Winnipeg Free Press/Inside)

Glen Dawkins (Winnipeg Sun)

Glen Forbes (Winnipeg Sun)

Composite (7/8)

James Stapleton (Transcontinental/LGM)

Travis Macklin (Transcontinental/LGM)

Ashley Wright (United Way Winnipeg)

June Love (United Way Winnipeg)

Art Crane (Lord Selkirk SD School Bus Drivers)

Claude Gervais (Lord Selkirk SD School Bus Drivers)

Walter McDowell (Man. Assn of Health Care Professionals/Staff)

Northwestern Ontario (1)

Jamey Rosdobutko (Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal)