Unifor Local 191

23-1313 Border St, Winnipeg, MB   R3H 0X4   |   p. 1-204-949-2770 or 1-844-2255-191   f. 1-204-949-2778   e. unifor191@mymts.net   tw. @unifor191

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Chapel Chairs/Shop Stewards

Chapel Chairs, aka Shop Stewards. are the liaisons between the rank-and-file membership on the shop floor and the Executive Board and Local Office.

Chapel Chairs are elected to serve two-year terms (Article XIII Section 3). Depending on the size of the shop, some Chapel Chairs are responsible only for the department from which they are elected; at smaller shops, the Chapel Chairs are responsible for all departments within the shop. When required, chapel chairs from one department can represent members in another department when those Chapel Chairs are unavailable.

Unless otherwise noted, the Shops below are Winnipeg-based.

The current Chapel Chairs are:

Brandon Sun — Kara Morrice (Graphics); Debra Bessette (Classified)

CUPE 37 (Alberta) Staff — Natalie Schopff


Press — James Stapleton

Pre-Press — Travis Macklin

Bindery — Clinston Stockburn

Lethbridge Herald — Jericho Dalton

Lord Selkirk SD School Bus Drivers (Selkirk, MB)

Hank Bogers, Art Crane

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals

Walter McDowell

MGEU Senior Staff — Alan Beach

McAra Printing (Calgary) — Kory Hertlein

TEAM Staff — Vacant

Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal

Circulation — Jamey Rosdobutko

Mailroom — Alan Hanchard

Editorial — Reuben Villangracia

United Way Winnipeg — Ashley Wright

WAPSO Staff — Val Verity

Winnipeg Free Press

Advertising — Janet Beach

Creative Services — Kyle Holyk

Mailroom — MIke Gauthier, Jo-Anne Hayes

Editorial — Ben Kahler

Canstar — Candace Blair

Technical Maintenance — 

Press Room — John Ridd, Kevin Tachnak

Carriers — CC Al Sansom; assistants Ed Rodriguez, Diane Champagne, Gloria Sansom.

Winnipeg Sun

Editorial — Glen Dawkins

Bindery — John Medeiros

Web — Pete Howitt, John Leslie

Sheetfed — Glen Forbes