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Winnipeg Free Press Inside Workers Update/March 26

Members in various departments at the Winnipeg Free Press are in the final stages of selecting their representative for the ad hoc committee which will meet with the Company, as authorized by a special meeting of inside workers on March 5.

As agreed to at the special March 5 meeting, this ad hoc committee will discuss the narrow terms of a possible wage concession under specific circumstances. No other part of the collective agreement will be discussed.

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Jerry Dias vs ATU

Unifor national President Jerry Dias sets the record straight in a name-calling dispute with Amalgamated Transit Union president Larry Hanley.

In a related matter, download the transcript of an Ontario Superior Court judge's ruling, which provides a glimpse to the infighting with the ATU.

March 5, 2017 TO: All Unifor Locals, Community Chapters and NEB

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing to state the position of our union and to correct the false and derogatory accusations put forward by ATU Canadian President Paul Thorp and ATU President Larry Hanley.

Hanley’s comments on social media are outright slanderous, derogatory and sexist. To mention a few: “Jerry is hiding behind some skirt”, “tell Jerry to get out from under your skirt and admit he is a bigot”, “Dias exercises bigotry and isolationism trying to steal members from your union, what a fake”, “these guys are bigoted corporate sell outs”, “Trump and Dias build walls to appeal to bigots”.

What’s clear is the ATU is attacking me personally to distract from their actions and from their goal to maintain a system of their own undemocratic power.

I will deal with Hanley’s comments in court.

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Winnipeg Free Press Inside Workers Update

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March 6, 2017 – Local 191 members employed at the Winnipeg Free Press authorized a local workplace committee to enter into discussions with management to explore options to secure the financial stability of the newspaper.

By an overwhelming margin, inside workers approved the move at a special meeting held Sunday.

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Setting The Record Straight — Update For Free Press Members

Download a pdf copy of this update

January 27, 2017 – At the recent series of town hall meetings, publisher Bob Cox made several statements that require further clarification from the Local’s standpoint. Comments like, ‘There was no request to re-open the contract,’ ‘there was no ask for a specific dollar savings,’ ‘the Local has been uncooperative in the Company’s search to chart a way through these difficult financial times.’  These comments are, at the very least, misleading. 

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Update To Winnipeg Free Press Members, Week of Jan. 15

The following Update was distributed on Jan. 15 to Local 191 members at the Winnipeg Free Press.

You can download a pdf copy.

All of us working at the Winnipeg Free Press are keenly aware of the financial troubles the newspaper industry in general and the FP, in particular, is experiencing.

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Closed For The Holidays

The Local 191 office will be closed for the Christmas break, effective the end of the business day Friday, Dec. 23. The office will re-open Tuesday, Jan. 3. If you need immediate assistance during that time, contact your chapel chair/shop steward.


Local 191 2016 Scholarship Essay Winners

UNIFOR-local191-RGBThe board of Unifor Local 191 is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Scholarship Essay Competition.

Kaitlin Vitt, daughter of Debbie Vitt, Lord Selkirk School Division school bus driver.

Chelsea Sanders, daughter of Carold Sanders, Winnipeg Free Press (Editorial)

Bryan Biancospino, son of Susan Biancospino, Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal (finance)

Each winner will receive a cheque in the amount of $1,800 to help offset the cost of their post-secondary education studies.

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Unifor’s Jerry Dias Proves He Can Settle As Well As Fight

Successful negotiations with the auto industry's Big 3 has renewed national focus on Unifor National president Jerry Dias. Read the recent Financial Post interview with the leader of Canada's largest private sector union (See what Jerry has to say about Donald Trump's election victory): 'You know how to fight, but do you know how to settle?' Unifor boss proves his detractors wrong


Spying On Journalists Should Never Be Easy: Jerry Dias

12117235TORONTO, Nov. 10, 2016 /CNW/ – The country's top media union is calling for strict measures to restrict the ability of police to put journalists under surveillance.

"It is too easy to spy on journalists in Canada and impede freedom of the press in Canada," says Unifor President Jerry Dias.

"Journalists rely on their sources to get stories that are in the public interest. When police tap the phones of journalists, it puts a chill on people being willing to talk to them."

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Unifor Holds 1st Northern Ont. Regional Conference

img_1068Oct. 22, 2016 — Unifor Local 191 staff rep John Webster delivers the Local report in Thunder Bay to Unifor's first-ever Northern Ontario Unifor Regional Conference.